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Central Security & Central Investigations was established by Simone Mitchell with over 25 years of Security and Investigation experience, and by Charles Rehkamp who has over 36 years' experience as a lawyer, D.A, and now a retired Judge. With 61 years in overall combined experience, we are confident that we can find a solution that suits your needs.


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Simone L. Mitchell


Mr. Mitchell has studied Administration of Justice and Sociology for a period of one year at Community College of Philadelphia. He then furthered his studies for three more additional years at Pennsylvania State University; and continued his education in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

It should be noted that Simone has held a license as a Private Investigator in the following States:  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

Mr. Mitchell has been in the Security and Investigative industry since 1987, and throughout those years, Simone has worked for various Security & Investigative companies. Mr. Mitchell observed how clients did not receive the dedication from the contracted firms. Due to the lack of quality customer service and time management that were given to clients from the other companies, Mr. Mitchell decided in May of 2000 to provide Security & Investigative services to businesses and property owners/managers, who were not receiving the services that were expected.  Also, he wanted to supersede the customers' expectations. Due to unforeseen circumstances in October 2007, Mr. Mitchell decided to focus in other avenues; but realized that the Private Sector was still in need of great service. Mr. Mitchell then elected to return to the Private Sector in June 2012. 


Working as a Private Investigator, Mr. Mitchell was able to save an insurance company a payout over $697,000.00. He saved a fortune 500 company from numerous sexual harassment lawsuits and busted criminal activity within the work place.

At a retail store located in the Metro Atlanta area on North Druid Hills Road, Simone started up and put together a successful Loss Prevention team in place from scratch. Simone also implemented the L.P. plan of action and assisted in the training, verification on all new hires, and orientation of new employees. Mr. Simone Mitchell brings to the table, a lot of energy, and ideas to each and every project.

Simone Mitchell has the experience in the following operations, which include, but are not limited to:  Loss Prevention Operational Audits, Cash Audits, Live & well Checks, Recorded Statements, Conducting Shortage Committee Meetings, Investigate Charge Backs, Internal Investigations, Conducted L.P. Shortage Awareness Programs, Implemented Shortage Strategy and Days End Review, Post Orders, Serve Subpoenas, Marketing, Inventory, Private Investigator Instructor, Security Instructor, Conduct Activities Check, Mobile Surveillance, Background Checks, Court House Searches, Employment Verification, Neighborhood-Hospital and Jail Canvass, Create Accident Diagrams, Mobile Surveillance, Loss Prevention, CCTV Observation, Physical Security, Fixed Patrol, Retail Security, Armed & Unarmed Security/ Investigations, Mobile surveillance, Covert Surveillance, Undercover Operations, Managed 967 Security Guard Service Billing Hours, Foot Patrol, Security Escorts and Bail Recovery.


Charles J. Rehkamp Retired Judge



Born May 14th, 1948, in Waterbury Connecticut. Grew up in Woodbury Connecticut with 4 Brothers and 1 Sister.  He excelled in sports at Woodbury High School, leading scorer on 18-1 basketball team, and baseball team league all-star with .490 batting average. Also an honor student, a member of The Honor Society for 2 years, and an AFS exchange student.  He spent 10 weeks in Eisenstaedt Austria during the summer before his senior year in high school, learning about the culture and people of a post WW2 society tied to Germany and close to a Communist country  Czechoslovakia with its border marked by Verboten signs warning of mine fields during the height of The Cold War.
Attended Duke University and graduated with a major in Psychology. Began his legal career attending Dickinson School of Law, now Penn State's law school, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Graduated in 1973 and became Assistant District Attorney of Perry County, Pennsylvania in April 1975. Appointed District Attorney of Perry County in June of 1976 and served for 7 and 1/2 years, winning reelection in a highly contested political race.  Maintained a general practice of law for 14 years and won election as a trial judge in the 41st Judicial District of Pennsylvania, where he served for over 16 1/2 years with distinction as a fair judge whose decisions in family and criminal law were rarely overturned on appeal.
Judge Rehkamp retired in August of 2008, and became a Senior Judge handling all types of cases in over 20 Eastern Counties of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and surrounding counties, including Bucks County.  Bucks County is where he worked daily for 6 months receiving rave reviews from both prosecutors and defense attorneys as a fair, competent, and commonsense judge.
During his 18 year career, Judge Rehkamp personally presided over 1,000 contested custody cases, making what he felt was the most important decision a judge can make; that is where a child should live so that he or she will grow up in a happy and nurturing environment.
Judge Rehkamp will use his 36 years of legal experience to help attorneys prepare and try criminal and domestic cases here in the Raleigh NC area to a successful conclusion.




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