CENTRAL INVESTIGATION offers an extensive catalog of services for all your investigative needs. Some of these include but are not limited to:

Surveillance (Flat-Rate)
Surveillance is initiated using state-of-the-art equipment, specially tailored vehicles and superior technology to produce the highest quality videotape evidence. Surveillance is also an on-site investigation designed to develop, obtain and document information concerning an individual’s degree of activity, physical health, appearance and employment.

Central Investigation Detectives are trained in the techniques of investigation as well as criminal and civil concerns associated with documenting evidence. We continually upgrade and maintain state of the art video equipment which enables them to photograph in the most difficult conditions.

Background Investigations (Flat-Rate)
A detail oriented, in depth investigation into an individual's background and financial records utilizing courthouse research, database technology, and internet research to provide up to date  specific information to our clients.

Activity Check Investigations (Flat-Rate)
In person neighborhood investigation to covertly/overtly provide information regarding individuals’ daily activities, physical capabilities and employment as they relate to workers’ compensation injuries, auto accidents, death, or disability claims.

Social Networking Report
Our   internet searches include researching major and non-major social networking sites such as   Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, as well as golf, and bowling research. Additionally, we research whether the claimant is affiliated with any of the local health and fitness clubs. Furthermore, we research the local county jails/State Prison(s) to see if the claimant is currently incarcerated or was previously incarcerated.

We   are able to modify our internet research if there is something in particular you need that is not listed. We want to ensure that you are pleased with the investigation and that we are addressing any concerns or ideas that you may have to make the investigation as successful as possible. 

Locate Investigations (Hourly)
Highly specialized field investigation which includes the use of activity check information, telephone research, and database technology to confirm the individual’s location.

Alive and Well Checks
This is performed to determine a claimant’s current living, health and activity status.

Recorded Statements 
This in-person interview with the subject of your choice is to provide detailed information and issues relevant to or relating to the claim.

Initial Contact Investigations (Flat Rate)

This in-person interview offers insight and the opportunity to build a relationship with the individual at the onset of the claim and shows immediate concern for their needs.  This is a causal visit immediately following a claim to discuss the claim, get a feel for the individuals needs, obtain photographs, and obtain various release signatures.

Clinic Inspections (Hourly)
This covert/overt visit provides the opportunity to obtain medical credentials, verify existence, and check licenses; this can include internal inspections to confirm presence of treatment and diagnostic equipment.   A more detailed investigation would include multiple investigators, to document vehicle registration information, runners, employees and patients.

Hourly Investigations
This covers any specific investigation not identified as being a “flat rate” investigation.


Mediation Attendance

This service is offered to all of our clients and throughout our territory. We are able to sit in and/or attend mediation in your absence with little notice. If you are running late, delayed by unexpected issues or don’t have time to attend, contact our office and make arrangements for one of our highly trained adjusters or investigators to attend in your absence.

Mediation Story-Board
This tool is utilized by many of our clients at mediation to expedite settlement without giving away all of your investigative information at one time. With this tool, you are able to show photo clips of surveillance activities the claimant has been involved in during the course of the claim. Without tipping your entire hand, you are able to show that surveillance was completed, the claimant engaged in contradictory activity, and it leaves the claimant and their attorney wondering what other evidence you may have against them.
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Our case managers interact daily with insurance claims professionals, Special Investigative Unit managers (SIU), risk managers and insurance defense attorneys.  With backgrounds in law enforcement, military service and the insurance industry, we have the experience to make a difference in your claims management


Compensability/Liability Investigations can assist claims handlers in determining the facts and circumstances surrounding a claim or injury. These investigations provide information to help determine the compensability of a workers' compensation claim or help the examiner establish responsibility and set limits for liability claims with significant exposure.  Additionally, these investigations often develop information leading to claims subrogation. Investigations can include on-site inspection of accident location and mechanism of injury, recorded interviews of involved parties/ potential witnesses and verification of employment issues (i.e. subcontractor, wages, posted panel placement, training/safety programs, etc.) Contact with treating physician can also be included to confirm treatment status, diagnosis and prognosis.


Learn more about:

  • Activity Checks
  • Recorded Statements
  • Mobile/Foot/Stationary/Covert and Overt Surveillance
  • Employment Checks
  • Assets Inquiry
  • Criminal & Civil Background Checks

We also consult on the following investigative fields:

  • Missing Person
  • Child Custody
  • Accident Scene
  • Infidelity
  • Court House Searches

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Central Investigation Case Managers interact daily with insurance claims professionals, Special Investigative Unit Managers (SIU), Risk Managers, and Insurance Defense Attorneys.  With backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military Service, and the insurance industry, we have the experience to make a difference in your claims management.


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With a combination of over 61 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can find a solution that suits your needs. Contact us for more information.

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